Remote Blood Glucose Monitoring

COVID-19 RESPONSE:  60 Days of Free Blood Glucose Monitoring:   
In response to the growing concern surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19), we are offering 60 days of our remote blood glucose monitoring at no charge.  Enrollment is easy and there is no cost to you!  Simply click the Enroll Now button on this page, select the day and time you would like to speak with one of our Certified Diabetes Educators, complete the information section on the enrollment page, and enter code FREE60.  One of our educators will call you at your scheduled time and get you started.  During this time of social distancing, remote blood glucose monitoring provides an excellent option for your diabetes management.

Remote monitoring of blood glucose levels can be used to obtain information about a diabetic patient’s sugar levels, symptoms, diet, and medication adherence on a daily basis.  Long term, monitoring can lead to changes in a patient’s lifestyle and behavior and may be able to prevent serious complications like blindness, amputations, chronic kidney disease, and stroke.  In addition, to the daily blood glucose monitoring, our diabetes educators are available for a 15-30 minute call or Skype to answer questions and make recommendations. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

During the COVID-19 emergency, many clinics have had to transition to virtual chronic disease appointments. To support clinics in their virtual management, Flexcare Health Solutions (FHS) is offering 60 days of their remote blood glucose monitoring at no charge to DC residents. This service may be a useful tool for clinics to consider for patients who need additional support in managing their diabetes.

How does the program work?

Patients enrolling in the program will have their blood glucose monitored on a daily basis with feedback and support from our Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialists (CDE). They will also have access to a Registered Dietitian via telephone appointments for questions about nutrition. Our CDE’s provide the following services:

  • Review blood glucose levels daily
  • Provide virtual education and follow-up care
  • Promote self-care behaviors to keep participants safe and healthy
  • Provide timely communication with healthcare providers on the well-being of their patients
  • Communicate with patients in either English or Spanish

What is the recommended time period for patient enrollment?

We recommend enrolling for a minimum of 3 to 6 months. There is no obligation to stay enrolled after the initial 60 day period.

How many patients can FHS support?

At this time, FHS can support 400 patients.

Can I refer uninsured patients to this program?

Yes, all DC residents are eligible to receive 60 days of free remote monitoring. The meter is responsible for providing patients with a meter and test strips. We also accept patients with the means to pay out of pocket.

After the 60 days of free service, what is the cost?

Flexcare Health Solutions BG monitoring program is typically $75/month with counseling and support. FHS has a group rate for clinics at $50/member/month. We are currently working with Amerihealth to have this service covered for its members before the end of the 60 day period and will continue to work with other MCO’s to provide this service as a covered benefit.

How are the bg readings reviewed?
Does it require patients to travel for service?

All readings are monitored remotely four times daily. Once a patient tests their blood sugar, the CDE can see the data within 1-2 minutes. We also support patients with wearable CGM devices such as Freestyle Libre and Dexcom. Usually, only the initial visit is in person; however, due to COVID-19 we have transitioned to virtual meetings only.

What are the next steps for health centers interested in referring their patients to this program?

The first step is a conversation between FHS and clinic leadership. During this conversation, we will discuss the clinic’s goals for participating in the program and making a plan to collect the patient information needed including:

Α signed referral form (one will be provided to the clinic) Patient demographic information
Patient’s current blood pressure and weight
Patient’s current lab results including A1c and lipid panel List of medications

List of co-morbidities
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