Through advanced technology blood glucose levels and/or blood pressure readings are seamlessly transmitted by the patient and remotely monitored by pharmacists and certified diabetes educators.

Remote monitoring allows individuals to maintain their independence, reduces office visits, bridges gaps in care, and prevents complications.

Remote Blood Glucose Monitoring

Lower A1c with blood glucose tracking and coaching.

Remote monitoring of blood glucose levels can be used to obtain information about a diabetic patient’s sugar levels, symptoms, diet, and medication adherence on a daily basis.  Long term, monitoring can lead to changes in a patient’s lifestyle and behavior and may be able to prevent serious complications like blindness, amputations, chronic kidney disease, and stroke.  In addition, to the daily blood glucose monitoring, our diabetes educators are available for a 15-30 minute call or Skype to answer questions and make recommendations. 


Remote Blood Pressure Monitoring

Prescribers recommend that people with high blood pressure use a home monitor to track their numbers.  But research suggests that home readings alone only make a small difference in getting the condition under control.

With Remote Patient Monitoring, home readings are sent electonically to a pharmacist who reviews the readings, makes suggestions, and helps educate the particpant on their condition.  Remote patient monitoring has shown to have significant impact on high blood pressure with one study showing a drop in blood pressure by an extra 7 to 10 points compared to patients on standard care.

The drop in blood pressure means the particpants were less likely to suffer a heart attack or stroke, or develop heart failure.

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